The Qur’anic Arabic Intensive program is a part-time Arabic program for the college student and working professionals. This course has been carefully designed after a comprehensive review of Arabic language curricula in the West and abroad and focuses on implementing teaching methods that are effective and abandoning those that are not.

The goal of the course is clear: to allow students to intimately connect with and gain a fundamental understanding of the Qur’an in its native Arabic language. To achieve this, students will embark on a three-year journey, starting with building the foundation of Arabic language learning in year one and spending the bulk of the second and third years applying that understanding toward a translation of the Noble Qur’an.

In-person only at Masjid al Huda, 3880 Smith Street, Union City, CA
Days & Time:
Mon, Wed, Fri | 8pm to 10pm
Duration & Commitment: 
36-Month Program (3 Years). Approximately 16 hours per week total, 6 hours of class time & 10 hours of homework
Fees: $150/month + $200 Registration Fee, financial aid available. 

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