Considered by many to be the most complete compendium of hadith, the Mishkat al-Masabih of al-Khatib al-Tabrizi is well known to serious students of the Islamic sciences. Focusing on the matn of each hadith, it provides a thorough overview of the Prophetic teachings on nearly every subject. This class is perfect for students of the sacred sciences who are now ready to delve into the study of the Prophetic tradition or graduates of Darul Ulums and Islamic instiutions who are looking for a refresher.

Shaykh Hashim Ahmad is an American born Islamic scholar and teacher. Having embraced Islam in the 70’s while traveling through Africa, Shaykh Hashim went on to study the sacred sciences in the Makkah and later Pakistan. A direct student of such luminaries as Shaykh Abdul Karim al-Fargani, Shaykh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghuddah, Shaykh Muhammad Ali al-Sabuni, Shaykh Saeed Ahmad Khan al-Makki, Mufti Wali Hasan Tonki, and many others, he holds formal degrees from Jami’ah Ummul Qura, Makkah Al Mukarramah, with a specialization in the Sciences of Quran and Hadith, an MA in Islamic culture from the University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan, and numerous ijazas from traditional scholars with whom he studied in the Haramayn and Pakistan. His ijazahs in the Mishkat go back to the author through his teachers Shaykh Abdul Karim al-Fargani (the great Uzbeki Muhaddith and student of Shaykh Anwar Shah Kashmiri) and Shaykh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghuddah.

In 1985 Shaykh Hashim was deputed to Jamiatul Uloom Al Islamiyyah, Binnori Town, Karachi to serve at the prestigious institute as a teacher of Hadith and other Islamic subjects in the Arabic medium. From 1992 onward he served as a senior Hadith lecturer at Madrasah ‘A’ishah, a premier institute for women’s education in Karachi, later becoming the Shaykh al-Hadith after the demise of his predecessor, Shaykh Abdul Rashid Numani. With three decades of experience teaching Hadith and Tafsir in the East, in 2018 he began his transition back to the United States, focusing his teaching and sharing his expertise and experience with students in the West.

Classes will begin Wednesday, August 9th, 2023 and will continue until the book is completed approximately one year (including breaks based on the DUA Academic Calendar).
Classes will be held LIVE online, Monday through Thursday from 7am-8am Pacific Time.

Students must acquire their own copy of Mishkat al-Masabih. Student editions which include succinct marginalia (hashiya) intended for students are advised.
Students may choose to supplement their study with readings from the the commentaries of the book. For this, the commentaries of Mulla ‘Ali al-Qari (Mirqat al-Mafatih) and Imam Husayn bin Muhammad al-Tibi (Al-Kashif ‘an Haqa’iq al-Sunan, better known as Sharh al-Tibi) are recommended.

Registered students will have access to class recordings shortly after each class. Students will continue to have access to the recording for 3 months after the last class.

-Students should be proficient in reading and translating Arabic texts.
-Students should have completed an intermediate fiqh text that includes discussions on textual proofs.
-Students should have completed beginner’s texts on mustalah al-hadith, ulum al-Quran, and usul al-fiqh.

$2400 for the entire class (can be paid in monthly installments of $200). Those who make complete payment before August 7th (first day of class) will receive a $300 early-bird discount. Fees are non-refundable after the second week of classes. Reduced tuition or financial aid available for those who qualify.

Questions regarding enrollment and financial aid can be sent to