DUA Evening offers flexibility that works with even the busiest of schedules. Classes are an hour and 15 minutes once a week, and usually after 8:00 p.m. (actual class time depends on the course and prayer timings). We offer 4 semesters; full-length Fall and Spring sessions for in-depth subjects and Winter and Summer intersessions for a quick and powerful recharge of faith.

Class availabilities are dynamic each semester allowing for timely and unique course offerings. The full list of upcoming classes is below.

Minhaj al-Abidin II

Fall Semester
Instructor: Shaykh Hashim Ahmad

Description: Shaykh Hashim Ahmad has 25+ years of experience teaching Tafsir & Hadith at Jamia al-Ulum al-Islamiyya and Madrasah A’isha. 

This class will go over practical methods on how a seeker may obtain nearness to one’s Creator while also being informed of the many pitfalls on this sacred journey.

Cost – $130 Total

Fundamentals of Faith

Fall Semester 
Instructor: Ustadh Sami Rehman

Description: This primer will present students a detailed exposition on the Muslim beliefs about the Creator, the Prophet ﷺ, and other fundamental beliefs of a Muslim from the Qur’an and Sunna through the light of the intellect and reason.

Cost – No Cost

Quranic Arabic Intensive

Fall Semester
Instructor: Multiple

Description: The goal of the Qur’anic Arabic Intensive (QAI) is to allow students the ability to intimately connect with and gain an elemental understanding of the Qur’an in its native Arabic language.

To achieve this, students will embark on a three-year journey, starting with building the foundation of Arabic language learning in year one, and spending the bulk of the second and third years actively applying that understanding towards a translation of the entire Qur’an, cover to cover.

Application Deadline is September 12th

DUA Evening Fall Class

Fall Semester
Instructor: Multiple Teachers

Description: See the above descriptions of each class for more details.