DUA Summer Classes (1900 × 600 px)
DUA Summer Classes (1900 × 600 px)
DUA Summer Classes (1900 × 600 px)
DUA Summer Classes (1900 × 600 px)
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Since 2009, Dārul-‘Ulūm al-Ashrafiyya has been teaching the sacred Islamic sciences in the Bay Area in Northern California and graduating students that have served the religious and spiritual needs of the community. By the grace of Allah, the institute is formalizing its objectives and core curriculum in order to attract new cohorts of sincere seekers of knowledge.


The education at this institute — the learning that happens in the presence of righteous teachers — will set you on your way to fulfilling your responsibilities to your Lord, inwardly and outwardly. God-willing, Darul Ulum al-Ashrafiyya will be a place that will transform you into your best self as you tread the lifelong path of spiritual development. Learn more about what we offer by clicking on the links below.

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